The UK is a unique mix of the old and the new, of tradition and cutting edge innovation, of refinement and wildness! There's something for everyone in the UK!

i4 is ideally placed to assist your move to the UK and has developed the following services to ensure that you get the most out of living and working in the UK.

We aim to make your move to the UK a smooth and hassle-free experience, by providing you with a UK Bank Account, UK Mobile plan, Free Money Transfer as well as a London Orientation meeting!

i4 Pay Partners and i4 Services can help you to maximise your pay whilst in the UK, as well as giving you the opportunity to claim the cost of your flights to the UK, your accommodation, and your relocation expenses as business expenses!

There may be many reasons that you want to come to London and the UK: You may wish to take advantage of the career opportunities available, enjoy the proximity to mainland Europe and the opportunity to travel to many different European destinations, or visit friends and family. Whatever your reasons for coming to the UK, i4 are ideally placed to help you once you arrive.

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